Pearson Engineering has worked for a number of clients installing various plant & machinery. In one instance we have relocated a customer’s plant on three different occasions over the last 10 years.

Most recently Pearson Engineering was awarded a mechanical installation tender for a major customer in the ACT, this involved:

  1. - Decommissioning and removal of the old plant & associated pipe work
  2. - Installation of the new equipment
  3. - Fabrication of the new structural steelwork support structure
  4. - Fabrication of the new stainless steel pipework
  5. - Installation, testing and commissioning



Maintenance & Repairs


Pearson Engineering can provide breakdown or scheduled maintenance services. With considerable resources available in knowledge, equipment and expertise we will have your equipment back in production as soon as possible.



Steel Work


Pearson Engineering manufactures and installs fabricated steel components and assemblies such as pits and man-hole covers, ladders, gratings, guards, handrails, platforms, stairs, stanchions & screens.

Pearson Engineering also manufacture and install structural steel work.


Servicing industrial, mining & commercial customers with a commitment to quality and safety.